Starting to Learn Japanese

Just like what I wrote in some my previous posts, I tend to learn Japanese
The main reason because my Mom want me to find master degree scholarship in Japan
Then, no matter I got the scholarship or not, I still need to speak second foreign language for upgrading my “selling point”

I was decide to join a Japanese course near my internship office.
Yukiko Class in Jalan Ampasit, Cideng.
Until now, I still dunno the exact location of the course place.
I will start my first private class this Thursday, then let just find the place on the due date…
Just give the honorable assignment to “mas-mas ojeg” ;>

When I told Rizaldi I wanna learn Japanese, he send me a PDF Kanji Book…
It’s very nice of him….
I learned some pages of this book, and it’s quite interesting…

Hopefully I will enjoy learning Japanese….


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