Thesis??!! Questionnaire??!! MOOD…..

Thesis? Thesis? Thesis?
Whats wrong with that term?

Nothing’s wrong actually, but that term has made me a little bit ‘crazy’ for the last 4 months (with the internship as well…)

Then? How about the questionnaire?

Yeah…it’s the part of the thesis then I need to distribute the questionnaire to my juniors in this university…

And how much do I need to photocopy that “things”?

For almost 400 people…. and for 1 people, 4-7 pages…..


But, through these exhausting months, I found that the main key to complete process is the MOOD

Yeah….just wondering where have my mood gone and how to make it come back to me? (is it look like a song lyric? Desperately said, yes…. =p)

This time, I just believe I can finish it….



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