About Him

What can I write about him?

For sure I wont write his name, here…

I wont write where he lives or publish his picture here…

I just want to tell you about him, without disclose who the really he is πŸ˜€


So, let’s begin…

I met him around the last quarter of 2007.

We met at Dufan, during fasting month…

There were 2 couples at that time, plus us, so accidentally, we became unintended couple πŸ˜€


Something happened, I felt something for him, but dunno whether he felt the same thing for me or not πŸ˜›

Time went by, I fell for someone, so does he…

We forgot each other, lost contact and never heard about what’s new on each other’s life.


Both of us broke up, being single for some times…

Then suddenly he came back. The 4 of us went to Bandung, again, me and him left as an unintended couple.

But something really happened at that time.


From no one to someone, he really came back to my life, then becoming my significant person.

1 December 2010, when nothings went wrong, but maybe something wrong with him πŸ˜€

Without clear intention, he made me the queen of his heart, eventoughΒ  at that time he didnt know what exactly he did πŸ˜›

Because of ego and pride, we declared each other as couple…


Then, he felt a real thing for me.

He tried to love me till he finally did.

He tried to understand me till finally he became the one I always looked for to be understand…


Things happened, problems appeared, but he still here…

He still try his best to be with me, even in many conversations he always claim me as the most stubborn person he ever met πŸ˜€

He still try his best to build his kingdom with me as the queen and our future kid(s) as the prince and princess.


Yes, that’s him

That’s him that always there when I was sick…

That’s him that always said “You’re still my most beautiful girl even you havent take a bath for 3 days” πŸ˜€

That’s him that always there when I needed him…

That’s him that still make me angry for his ‘stupidity’ to prove something to me…

That’s him that always make me feel the feeling of missing someone…


And this is the story about him πŸ™‚



In the end, I just want to thank him for the choices he made to keep me, fight for me and do stupid things for me πŸ™‚



*picture’s taken from Google*


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