My (Always Almost Ready) Chinese New Year Amigurumi

Well, I started this project weeks ago (I cant even remember when) 😀

Planned to finish it a week before Chinese New Year and make 3 or 4 more and give it to my aunts.


But… As you can see in the title, this project is always be my ‘almost ready’ amigurumi 😛

I dont know what happened with my passion in making amigurumi, I was more interested in making something easier like a ‘cloth’ for my gadget. Then I repeated it over and over again with different color 😀 (will post about it, later)


And finally, I finished crochet this amigurumi yesterday.

And still, it hasn’t finished yet 😀

Coz I cant find the eyes for her 😦

The eyes I bought was not suitable for her.

I tried to crocheted eyes for her, and it just made her creepier than before. Even scarier *sigh*


So, I just let her be like this 😀

Chinese New Year Amigurumi


The doll in the middle is the one created by the pattern maker.

Promised myself to find the eyes for my doll, soon 😀


Meanwhile, Happy Chinese New Year for those who celebrate it 🙂

PS: I let my doll hold nothing, since this year’s going to be the Horse Year, and yeah, I can use her to keep my ‘angbao’ later 😛 😛


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